Microsoft Buys 48 Acres in Hyderabad for Data Centers

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 07 May 2024

According to sources, Microsoft Corporation just acquired a fresh piece of property. It apparently intends to build more data centers in the area and broaden the current network of data centers.

Microsoft has bought 48 acres in Hyderabad, according to a story that cited a document from the data analytics company Propstack. The estimated value of the agreement was Rs 267 crore.

The investigation also stated that Sai Balaji Developers, a land aggregator, was the seller of the land.

Microsoft intends to build one of the biggest data centers in the area as part of its ambitious aspirations to grow its data center business in India, an insider told the newspaper.

The corporation paid a premium for the site, which is purportedly 40 miles away from the central metropolis of Hyderabad. After five years of operation, Microsoft already has a network of data center regions in Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai.

According to the source, Microsoft has purchased two additional land lots in Hyderabad for its data center operations. Additionally, the company has become more active in the market for flexible office space.

In addition to Bengaluru and Noida, Microsoft's primary campus, Hyderabad, is home to the India Development Center.

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