HCLTech Broadens Partnership with Google Cloud to Bring Gemini to a Global Scale

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 03 April 2024

With the launch of Gemini, its multimodal big language AI model, HCLTech on Wednesday announced an extended partnership with Google Cloud to develop industry solutions and generate commercial value. In order to better support clients at every stage of their AI projects, including the development of new use cases and capabilities for HCLTech platforms and product offerings, the company said that it will equip 25,000 engineers with Google Cloud's most recent GenAI technology. Initially, the company will concentrate on bringing gen AI capabilities to clients in the manufacturing, healthcare, and telecom sectors.

The pre-built GenAI platform HCLTech AI Force, which streamlines engineering lifecycle processes from planning to development, testing, and maintenance, was just released by HCLTech. With Gemini's sophisticated code completion and summarization capabilities, HCLTech will now improve the HCLTech AI Force platform. This will enable engineers to produce code, fix bugs, and expedite the delivery of software projects to clients while maintaining project quality.

Additionally, HCLTech plans to leverage Gemini models to bolster and broaden the range of industry solutions developed by its specialized Cloud Native Labs and AI Labs, which are manned by top AI engineers and experts and concentrate on speeding client innovation. According to the statement, these laboratories will help customers better plan, manage, and hone gen AI initiatives on Google Cloud's infrastructure.

"Google Cloud and HCLTech have a long-standing strategic alliance. Through this partnership, HCLTech's cutting-edge GenAI solutions—which leverage Google's most potent and scalable Gemini models—will be commercialized. C Vijayakumar, CEO & Managing Director of HCLTech, stated, "We think this helps us to bring even more value to global enterprises through HCLTech's differentiated portfolio."

According to Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, "Gemini for Google Cloud can enhance many areas of enterprise work, such as helping developers build applications more quickly and improving how financial analysts report on their businesses." "HCLTech can offer the experience and technical skills that clients need to successfully deploy and manage gen AI projects at scale by enabling 25,000 engineers on Google Cloud's latest generative AI technology."

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